Our Self Build Story – Part 12.

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February 2014

Time to insulate the ground floor in preparation for fitting the underfloor pipe work. This turned into quite a lengthy process, as it involved fitting the following:-

  • 1200 gauge damp proof membrane (that had to be taped round every edge of the room to the existing dpc)
  • 150mm Recticel insulation (this was slightly warped, which made the fitting tricky!)
  • taping the insulation joins with foil tape
  • fitting a foam expansion strip around the insulation against the walls
  • fitting a 500 gauge vapour check barrier over the insulation

IMG_6429 IMG_0424_2 IMG_1744


After finally getting the whole of the downstairs prepped (we lost count of how many times we had to move all the insulation around to clear the room we were working on!) We could then start insulating it with the 150mm (slightly bent) Recticel.

IMG_0456_2 IMG_1829


Once we’d insulated the floor in every room, we could then lay the vapour check barrier and the expansion strip.  A little tip here – try and leave  a tiny gap from the insulation to the wall, to fit the expansion strip in, this’ll save you a lot of time when you come to fit the strip (as we found out the hard way!)

It was then finally time to lay the UFH pipe work, supplied by ‘Wundafloor’ this was a doddle to fit, and will definitely be using them again on client’s properties.

IMG_1897 IMG_1907


Just the conservatory floor to prepare and lay the UFH pipe work down on now. The conservatory isn’t actually there yet, so we had to knock something up to keep the area dry ready for the screed. I’m sure you’ll agree from the picture below – it’s a beauty, we’re thinking about keeping it to save a few quid! I joke, I joke.



Nailed it!!

Having that sheet up allowed us to get the floor sorted in the dry (it’s still there as I type, as we’re waiting for the conservatory to be fitted in a couple of weeks.)

All the underfloor heating system was now pressure tested for leaks. None were found so we could now get the screed down – which was a small milestone as once that had dried, we could then get the staircase manufacturer out for his final measurements. That means we won’t have to keep going up the never ending ladder very soon – result! We’ll also be able to start the dry lining – so it’s really starting to feel more and more like a house, as opposed to a building site! A couple of pics of the screed finish – very smooth, the screeder (made up word?!) was recommended to us by Tom our chippie, so we knew we would be getting a good finish.

IMG_1930 IMG_1931 IMG_1933 IMG_1942


What’s next? Wait for the screed to dry before we can get back in. A blessing in disguise I think, as it gives me chance to concentrate on my business for a week. Then back to connect up the heat recovery ducts.

Thanks for reading. Just a quick note to say I have a bit of exciting news – a new venture that I’m working on http://www.theselfbuildsite.com it’s a site I’m creating to help self builders save money and find everything they need to help them with their build in one place. It’s currently under construction, but if you’re interested in self building, or any aspects of renovation or construction, be sure to go to the site to register your interest for the upcoming launch date.

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