Our Self Build Story – Part 11.

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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January 2014 (cont.)

On to a bit of plumbing. With most of the stud work now complete, we could crack on with laying the underfloor heating for the first floor. This is made up of an ‘overboard’ system supplied by www.wundafloorheating.co.uk  Very easy to fit, just a bit fiddly to cut the boards to make the tricky pipe runs.



A sheet of 6mm ply is then fitted over the board and the pipes. Ready for the carpet to be laid later on.

A couple of pics from the attic rooms now, the ‘man cave’ now has all the stud work in place, including the stud wall that will house the TV and all the other electrical wizardry. We also thought it’d be a good idea to put one of the extractors for the heat recovery system in there (behind the stud wall that houses the TV) as it’s bound to get quite warm with all the various pieces of equipment.  My wife has now claimed the other room as hers, so the rooms are all now spoken for!


The Mechanical Heat Recovery and Ventilation Unit is a bit of a beast, it’s going to have a large cupboard all to itself! Should be tucked nicely out the way though – looking forward to connecting that up as I’ve not done one of these units before.

Most of the first fix for the plumbing work is now done, approximately 70% of the way through it. The last bit to do is fit all of the ground floor underfloor heating. But before we can lay all the pipe work for that, we need to lay a thick damp proof membrane, followed by 150mm of insulation, then a vapour check barrier, THEN the pipe work can finally be laid! This will all happen next month – stay tuned as we’ll nearly be up to date – wooooooooooooo.


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