Our Self Build Story – Part 10.

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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January 2014

Haaaaaaaaaaappy New Year! Where did that last year go? The same place as the one before, the past! Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas. Let’s build a house – crack on!

Where were we? Ah yes, insulating the roof space. After doing a day in here, I started to resemble a snow man! This stuff gets everywhere! 


This was a thankless task, especially trying to fit it in around my own work. Luckily we had a helping hand to save the day (thanks Colin!) A look out of the Velux window soon gave me that motivational kick up the arse, what a lovely view. We can’t wait to be greeted with this every day.



The site got a little bit damp during the heavy rain we had in January (side note – nothing in comparison to those currently suffering in Somerset – Feb’14). This was mainly down to not having the drainage in place yet or the guttering terminating into the storm drain. (This will be done if it ever stops raining).



Back to the inside of the house now. Tom started cracking on with the stud walls. We could now get a feel of the size of the rooms. It’s all starting to take shape.



Tom was very busy this month, him and Clint then got the roof fitted to the bay window, this took some doing, thanks guys! 



Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally, I get to start the plumbing, well, sort of plumbing! Myself, Andy and Ant got all the ducting in place for the mechanical heat recovery and ventilation. Here comes a techy bit! Most of the manufacturers usually supply the ducting in 150mm diameter, this posed a problem for us, as our ‘easy-joist’ system only had gaps of 110mm. Luckily, Dan@AdaptEnergy managed to source a kit with 75mm ducting, so that solved that problem – thanks Dan! That’s the end of the techy bit – phew!



A stairway to heaven (heaven being the man-cave).



I’ll split this blog into two parts – for two reasons:-

  1. I haven’t been very organised, and I’ve not uploaded the rest of the pictures from my phone to the iCloud (whatever that is!)
  2. We’ll soon be up to date and I’ll run out of things to say!! (stop cheering!)

See you all next time!

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