Our Self Build Story – Part 8.

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November 2013

With the roof waiting for the tiles to go on, after the felt and battening, we could turn our attention inside of the house and think about getting the first floor chipboard down. Our chippie/window fitter/all round lovely guy Tom first got a ladder set up to the top floor – it’s a long way up there!


Still waiting for the new tiles to arrive!!


They’ve arrived!! Hooray! They look a lot better than the first dodgy batch of tiles. Next job, get them on top of the scaffolding. The electric hoist was a bit on the heavy side, we managed to convince the delivery driver of the tiles to lift it up on to the scaffold with his crane – thanks Mr Delivery Driver!

Don’t look down!


The hoist in action! Jake loading, me unloading – sorted!


It took us all weekend to load out the tiles for the main roof, I think it was about 2000 in total, from memory.

Tony, the roofer, came back to get the garage roof done, the tiles looked amazing once fitted, we were all extremely happy with the finished result.


Once the garage was completed, they got stuck in to the main roof on the house, with the extra pitch on the rear of the house, it was really looking quite smart, if I do say so myself!


It didn’t take the roofers long at all to get the house finished, we even had a sunny day for me to take a pic of the front.


With the roof now complete, we could now start insulating the trusses from inside. What a messy job this turned out to be!



Next exciting stage of the build for us – the windows and doors arrived! After much discussion and mind changing on the colour of the frames, we finally settled on a colour, ‘Stone White’ from Farrow & Ball. It’s a lovely ‘Cotswoldy’ Green. We really like the colour alongside our choice of stone and mortar.



That takes us to the end of November – a very productive month, and nearly water tight! Next month, the single storey ‘lean to’ kitchen roof goes on (with a  minor hiccup).

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