Our Self Build Story – Part 7.

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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October 2013 (cont.)

Roof tiles! This was the next hurdle to overcome. We’d decided on a Chinese Natural Slate as we managed to get a good deal on them. However, after they were delivered and we’d started loading them out on to the scaffolding, it was becoming more and more apparent that there were a few issues. The first issue was the lack of uniformity in thickness of the slates, and the other issue was the quality – a large proportion of them were broken. I think how they were packed was one of the main reasons for the high amount of breakages, the pallets were awful.

After spending the best part of a day loading these out (sore arms from winching them up in a bucket by hand!) We then had to get them all back down, as the roofer said it’d be pointless fitting such poor quality tiles. This obviously delayed us as we had to get these tiles returned, (hadn’t paid for them at this stage anyway) and then source a better quality tile. These were so much better in comparison. We decided to hire an electric hoist for the weekend to get the tiles up to the roof ready to be fitted. This bit of kit was an absolute god send!

Bad quality Chinese slate below:



The wait on the delivery of the better quality tiles, took us into November, a bit of panic started to set in as we really wanted to get the house watertight by now, for obvious reasons. See you next time.


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