Our Self Build Story – Part 6.

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October 2013

All the trusses are on site and ready to go – let’s raise the roof! (see what I did there?!) This is the second attempt at putting the roof on, after the hassle we had the first time round with the crane, this time every thing went as planned – phew! Three chippies + lots of trusses =



The next few pictures are where things start to get a bit more exciting for me. The main reason being – THE MAN CAVE! My lovely wifey has let me have one of the attic rooms as a home cinema/games room/escape from the wife room. So, seeing this take shape really perked me up, as all the stress and long days was starting to take it’s toll a bit, whinge, whinge, whinge. LOOK AT THE MAN CAVE!



The half of the attic closest to the camera will eventually be mine! We’ve not decided what to do with the other half of the attic yet – watch this space!

We originally purchased the plot with detailed planning permission already in place, however we tweaked the plans to suit our needs. One of the changes we made was to make the attic space liveable rather than just a loft for storage. This meant changing the original trusses to attic trusses and increasing the pitch of the roof from the original 35 degrees to 50 degrees. Our (inherited) architect failed to notice the knock on effect this would cause with the corbels on the corners of the house. After increasing the roof pitch angle, it meant the lower part of the roof would clash with the end of the corbels. We had to ask the builder to cut 110mm off the ends of each of the corbels so the roof would fit. This then exposed the two supporting steel rods running down the centre of the corbel, so we then had to pay for a company to come and reface the cut ends to cover the exposed steel. Phew! “You’re so lucky, I’d love to build my own house!” I do smile to myself every time I hear this now :-).



These were to be refaced at a later date. 

Next, more staining of the ends of the trusses, just a bigger version of the garage – no need to stick a pic in here.

The site needed a really good tidy up, so my wife and I got cracking, on a day that gave us a bit of everything, weather wise.





With the trusses complete, it was back in the builders hands to finish the gable ends. The rain delayed play a bit with this, but they managed to get them done as soon as the rain stopped. With the gable ends done, the house was really starting to look quite special.

Look at that chimney! Swit Swoo!





A fair amount of work took place during this month, so I’ll split it into two blog entries. To be continued…..


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